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hi! i was just wondering what site do you read the manga? or like where do you get your caps from?

I read and cap from casanovascans! Every day. Always. Forever. It’s all I do.

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Yamaguchi's ahoge can represent his current feelings, I will never get over this, precious freckled baby crow.


There is normal ahoge yams

Sick, uneasy ahoge yams

And nervous ahoge yams

Tsukki acts the way he does but doesn’t always do it to be mean or condescending, and Yamaguchi knows it best. It’s almost like a secret language they share and only Yamaguchi knows what Tsukki is trying to say when he doesn’t say it in the right way. Almost like Tsukki chooses to be encouraging or say things in ways that only he and Yamaguchi can understand. Which is why Yamaguchi says things like “Thanks Tsukki” after he says something that sounds means and everyone else is confused and doesn’t get how what he said was encouraging at all. So it’s not that he doesn’t like Yamaguchi or is never proud of him, he just doesn’t show it in a way that we would know right away. … this post is a mess.

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